Pharrell Williams’ Hat at the Grammys 2014. What is it and where did he get it?


The gossip this evening is all over Pharrell Williams’ giant brown hat.  Described as the Arby’s hat, a Canadian Mountie’s hat, a big toe, a ten gallon hat, and variety of other descriptive comparisons pointing fun at it’s monstrous size.  But what is this hat?  All the gossip columns seem to have one vital detail missing, the fact that it’s a Vivienne Westwood Mountain Hat!  It’s neither new nor novel.  Stemming all the way back to her show in 1982 titled ‘Nostalgia of Mud’, this hat has been seen commonly atop the heads of die hard Vivienne Westwood fashion collectors for the past 30 years.  His whole look for the Grammys is a throwback to the Buffalo Gals video from 1982~

You can purchase them still to this day from Worlds End.


In fact the official Worlds End blog has a wonderful piece on Tom, the man who makes the hats!  They’re all made in England by a master craftsman, and are all beautifully unique pieces.  They come in a variety of colored felts and straws, from basic black, to hot pink. The colored hats aren’t always available, you’ve gotta keep a close eye on the stock to see when they get new colors in, since they aren’t mass produced in China like most of today’s clothing, the hats trickle into the shop stock slowly over time.  If you want to get a hat for yourself, you’ll have to call Worlds End for a mail order!  They cost about 95gbp/$157, plus 35gbp/$50 for international shipping (last I checked, the prices could be different now).

430 Kings Road London
Monday – Saturday
10am – 6pm
Mailorder and information
+44 020 735 26 551

They have a large cushion inside that makes it extremely comfortable for any head size.  Even tiny girly heads like mine.


Lots of other celebrities have worn the Mountain Hat.  It’s not the first time, nor will it be the last!


Pete Burns, in a tan/camel felt Mountain Hat




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